An extra service that I offer is murals, especially popular for children's bedroom walls and nurseries. Here I will post some examples of my work. These normally take me about one day to complete.


This mural is a character that everyone will recognise and was done for a little boy whose whole room was in the same theme. The whole thing measures approximately 1 metre in width. 


I painted these monkeys by request. Originally we had decided on a handful of jungle animals but the client decided to keep it simple so as not to take over the whole room. A very fun mural to create.

Face-in-the-Hole board.

This piece was specially made for a wedding reception with a beach theme - a "face in the hole" board in which the guests had their photos taken... It was personalised for the happy couple.

Other Artwork

The gallery below contains a few more examples of artistic work I have done for commission.